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Podiatrists often prescribe orthotics for a patient that hasn’t responded to other measures, or they can be an initial choice of therapy. A standardized x-ray evaluation is performed, a history and physical exam are taken, and an impression casting of both feet is done. With all of this, a podiatrist then writes a prescription for the orthotic lab to make. Most patients find their orthotics can last several years even with daily use, and movement from one shoe to the other.

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Commercially Available Insoles

  • Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer www.spenco.com They are also available at Zappos and Amazon, and they usually cost around $20.
  • Timberland Pro Anti-Fatigue Technology www.timberland.com Foam absorbs shock, antimicrobial layer keeps odors away. Cost around $30.
  • Currex www.currexsole.com Cost around $50.

Custom Shoe Orthotics vs. Over the Counter Shoe Inserts

If you are experiencing heel, arch or toe pain, then you may have heard shoe inserts might be a solution. Your current shoes may not be offering the support that your body needs. Since your feet support your entire body, it is important to recognize that having the extra support can provide comfort and even alleviate symptoms from a variety of foot conditions and even leg and back pain.

However, before you make the final decision, it’s best to understand the difference between custom orthotics and over the counter inserts (OTC). You will want to talk with Dr. Bennett about which options are best for you, and why. You want to make the best decision about your foot health.