Britney Spears Sprains Ankle during Vegas Show

While wearing high heels during a performance, Britney Spears twisted her ankle and fell to the stage Wednesday night. Her doctor has advised her to not perform Friday and Saturday evening so that she may heal, according to her press release.

Dancing in high heels is tricky, and has often led to many inversion type sprains of the ankle. When the heel is higher than the toes, the ankle joint is more prone to twisting or torque injuries due to that position. Another mechanism for this type of sprain is stepping off of a curb or going downstairs, which sets up the ankle for the same injury. The pain from an injury like this can be severe, often ending whatever activity the patient was engaged in. Immediate rest, elevation, and icing to the area is recommended, followed by a good oral anti inflammatory and pain medication. Work up by a podiatrist including x-rays to rule out a fracture, and a pneumatic cast boot are usually prescribed.

If you have twisted your ankle, call this Chicago Podiatrist for an an evaluation today.

2015 NFL Draft

Chicago to host the NFL Draft this week.

The National Football League (NFL) will present the 2015 draft at the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University. Chicago last hosted the draft fifty-one years ago. There were about 20 rounds back then, and the whole process was wrapped up in less than a day.

Round 1 will take place on Thursday, April 30 while Rounds 2-3 will be held on Friday, May 1. The Draft will conclude on Saturday, May 2 with Rounds 4-7. Round 1 will include incoming prospects walking the red carpet on Michigan Avenue, while 32 former players who are members of the NFL Legends community, one representing each team, will be on hand for Round 2 to announce selections. Football players have a high rate of foot and ankle injuries. If you or someone you know injures their foot, call this Chicago podiatrist in convenient nearby Water Tower Place in Streeterville to get checked out.

Tips for Princess Kate's last days of pregnancy

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth any day now, waiting it out at the Kensington Palace. And since she is at the end of her term, she is likely experiencing what many pregnant moms are feeling: tired and swollen legs, ankles, and feet.

One of the many problems carrying a six or seven pound fetus around in your lower abdomen can cause is pressure on the venous system. The venous system is the way blood returns to the heart from the extremities. This pressure means blood won’t return as quickly and easily as when there isn’t a baby in there, so there is a back up of blood and lymphatic fluid. This back up is seen as a more swollen or bloated appearance of the legs and feet.

It isn’t unusual to see a third trimester mom sitting with her feet up, as decreasing the effect of gravity helps the condition. Also known as edema, this type of swelling usually subsides after delivery.

Third trimester moms need to limit their time standing, and also need to wear soft, wide, accommodative type shoes with a mild arch support for maximum comfort. If your ankles or feet are swollen, call this Chicago podiatrist for an appointment.

Jones Fracture

Kevin Durant’s Jones fracture needs more work.

OKC Thunder star Kevin Durant will undergo a revision to the fracture site in his right foot soon. The problem started in October of last year when he suffered a Jones fracture, which is complete fracture of the fifth metatarsal in the proximal one-third of the bone. Since the blood supply to this area of the bone is not ideal to repair a fracture, the definitive treatment can be tricky, as it has been in this case. In February he underwent a screw fixation of the injury, which showed problems by late March.

When properly diagnosed and treated with screw fixation and proper rehabilitation, about nine out of ten fractures resolve, but in less than ten percent of cases, bone grafting and more fixation become necessary. This setback will cost him at least another four to six months.

If you have an acute or chronic foot injury, call this Chicago podiatrist to schedule an appointment right away.

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