Fall 2013

As the colder weather returns and we start to slip our feet back into warmer and more fashionable shoes, you may experience pain or discomfort caused by any one of a number of foot ailments. For example, if you suffer from bunions, squeezing your foot back into a winter shoe or boot can be a painful experience. The same holds true for corns, hammertoes, nerve pain and ingrown toenails. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce or alleviate these problems. Dr. Richard Bennett treats patients for a variety of foot ailments. He says many foot or ankle problems are caused by improper footwear, overuse or under conditioning, or small mechanical changes within the foot. Many of these can be avoided by following a few simple guidelines.

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Chicago Marathon Announcement!

CONGRATS – you accomplished a life goal of finishing the Chicago Marathon! But how are your feet? Now that the training for the Chicago Marathon is over, it’s time to reward your feet for getting you through it! If your dogs are barking, make an appointment right now with Dr. Rick Bennett, DPM, conveniently located in downtown Chicago at Water Tower Place. It would be a little surprising if you didn’t have some heel pain, a sprain, some blisters, or a few bloody toenails. If you plan on doing the next marathon, it’s important to address these normal runner injuries now, to keep feet in their best running shape.

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What it is:

Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is an infection of the toenail or fingernail plate and underlying nail bed. It is contagious, meaning you picked it up from someone else or somewhere else. Like most athletes foot infections, it is fungal in origin, but is more resistant to treatment. A simple course of two to four weeks of a topical antifungal solution or cream can clear up a tinea based skin infection, but will not work on an established case of onychomycosis. Quite often, patients notice that their nail fungus infection was preceded by chronic problems with athletes foot. Since many cases of nail fungus cause thickening, especially towards the end of the nail, a resevoir of the fungus is contained and may be released to cause an athletes foot infection, and vice versa.

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