Dallas Star Patrick Duffy suffers from Morton's Neuroma

The National Enquirer has reported that former Dallas actor Patrick Duffy has suffered for years with Mortons Neuroma, a painful nerve condition of the foot.

Mortons neuroma is really a misnomer, as there is no tumor involved, but in fact the medical term is peri- neural fibrosis, a thickening of the sheath around the sensory nerve. This thickening impinges on the nerve, causing pain. Wearing tight or high heeled shoes tends to aggravate the condition, and removing shoes and resting the feet seems to help. Cortisone injections and orthotics may provide some temporary relief, and ultimately most patients opt to have the nerve removed. Duffy had his removed in 1989.

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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails

One of the most common complaints a podiatrist sees is ingrown toenails. A patient will often present to the office with a several day history of pain in one or both corners of any one of the nails, but usually the great toe. An injury or a bad day at the pedicure or nail salon can start a process that ends with a trip to the podiatrist. In more severe cases, a patient will wait up to a month (or more) and at this point, the entire toe can be swollen to twice its normal size, be red in color, draining pus, and barely be able to get his or her shoe on. Patients do go to the ER for these conditions, but more often than not this can be treated safely, quickly and effectively in the office setting.

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Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

The heel of your foot accepts and transfers an enormous amount of force over a relatively small surface area with each normal step. Now think about how much more force is borne when you are landing from a jump or when running. The tissues in the human heel and foot (the tendons, ligaments, muscle, fascia and bone) are designed for the repetitive stress and strain from normal and even some abnormal activities of daily life, whether wearing a shoe or not. But all it takes is one day where you are more active than usual, are on a hard surface for a prolonged time, or are wearing the wrong shoes for the activity you are involved in, and the result can be heel pain.

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Chicago Bears Jay Cutler Out of Play Due to Ankle Sprain

With the Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler still out with a high ankle sprain he sustained in the game against the Detrot Lions, this would be a good time to review foot and ankle sprains along with treatment.

The human ankle is one of the most common places in the body for a sprain. Think about the surfaces we walk on, are they always smooth and uniform? Consider walking or running on sand, on a forest trail, or traversing up and down a hill or mountain. If the only motion available to you where your foot meets your leg is an up and down motion, you would lose balance very quickly. The up and down motion of the talus bone with the leg is ideal for propulsion while walking or running, and for deceleration while landing from a jump.

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