Summer and Sunscreen

With the first day of summer arriving later this month, it’s important to review the basics of applying sunscreen. Everyone knows that you have to put on sunscreen (and reapply regularly) if you’re planning on spending the day outdoors.

But what most of us don’t realize is that every bit of exposed skin needs to be protected by sunscreen. Let’s review the areas (according to the AARP) that need to be covered with sunscreen before hitting the beach, park, pool or trail.

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White Sox Abreu battling chronic Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

The White Sox Jose Abreu has been dealing with posterior tibial tendonitis in his left foot since his days in Cuba, according to reports.

Chronic posterior tibial tendonitis is a painful condition, especially in athletes. Jumping and running become almost impossible, and simple walking and standing are difficult.

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Bruins Matt Fraser Plays Postseason with Broken Right Foot

Playing any sport with a bad foot injury is generally a bad idea, but when you’re a hockey pro, it can happen.

Word has emerged on injuries the Bruins dealt with during the postseason. The bravest of the bunch proved to be Matt Fraser, who played the entire postseason with a broken foot.

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Vibram Settles Lawsuit

Vibram has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit stemming from the five fingered water sock-like shoe it started marketing around 2009. Consumers complained that wearing the unique soled shoes didn’t live up to the hype the company provided at the time, and provided no real evidence that purchasing and wearing the new design of shoes would do any of the following:

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