Getting Ready for the Chicago Marathon 2014

If you are getting ready for the Chicago Marathon in October, you are down to the final three months. That means if you are serious about completing the race without an injury, then you are already well into your planned training program, and are likely in pretty good shape. Maybe you signed up for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Team in Training Program, (LLS TNT) and have been the beneficiary of their years of coaching experience, training thousands of young and old adults for their first, second, or third outing. Training programs like these are great for meeting new runners motivated to complete the same goal, and do so in a fundraising environment as well. Imerman Angels is another local (and national) cancer support group that prepares a team to run and finish the big event, and assist others along the way.

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Harrison Ford Breaks a Leg

If we see Han Solo in a leg cast, crutches, or wheelchair in the next Star Wars movie, it might be because it was worked into the script. CNN has reported that Harrison Ford was injured recently while filming the next installment of the series, due in late 2015, and his publicist reported that he broke his leg. Earlier there were conflicting reports of an ankle or foot fracture. Typically, a leg, ankle, or foot fracture is going to sideline an adult for 6 to 8 weeks, assuming good overall health of the patient and alignment of the fracture.

There was no report that he required surgery to address the break, but assuming Mr. Ford is in good health, a leg, ankle or foot fracture in a 71 year old can have serious consequences. A recent photo showed him getting about on an iWalk, which is a newer generation form of crutches that keeps the weight on the knee rather than transferring it up to the shoulders, and keeps the hands free.

While this new technology is reportedly allowing Ford to walk pretty much wherever he wants (he even took the stairs) it doesn’t mean he will be able to film action scenes anytime soon. He reportedly told Brad Hunter, who works at iWalk, that he’d be out “about a month,” but that doesn’t sound like enough down time to this Chicago podiatrist. Trying to return to full function too quickly from a lower limb fracture can make for an even longer recovery time. If you have acute or chronic pain in your toe, foot or ankle, make an appointment with Dr. Bennett and get it checked out to be sure.


Summer and Sunscreen

With the first day of summer arriving later this month, it’s important to review the basics of applying sunscreen. Everyone knows that you have to put on sunscreen (and reapply regularly) if you’re planning on spending the day outdoors.

But what most of us don’t realize is that every bit of exposed skin needs to be protected by sunscreen. Let’s review the areas (according to the AARP) that need to be covered with sunscreen before hitting the beach, park, pool or trail.

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White Sox Abreu battling chronic Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

The White Sox Jose Abreu has been dealing with posterior tibial tendonitis in his left foot since his days in Cuba, according to reports.

Chronic posterior tibial tendonitis is a painful condition, especially in athletes. Jumping and running become almost impossible, and simple walking and standing are difficult.

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