Marathon Training Tips

Training for a Marathon

With the Chicago Marathon scheduled to start in less than 24 hours, those of you inspired to complete next years race can start to formulate a plan now. Getting in shape to run that far, regardless of time, needs to address your physical fitness across a broad range, and below are a few tips to approach training to run that far. Long distance running is the best way to get in shape that I can think of, but there is no doubt running can set you up for a multitude of injuries, from simply annoying to event ending. You aren’t just training to run the marathon, you are training to get your whole body in shape, so incorporate as many different physical activities as possible in your weekly training schedule to head off injuries that are inevitable if you just run 3 to 5 miles a day 3 or 4 times per week. Running is great, but you have to do more than just run to avoid injuries.

Resistance Training Running related injuries can be caused by muscle imbalances, and the constant repetition of this high impact activity. Depending on your body type and natural running style, you may over develop one set of muscles and under develop others. Hamstring injuries and shin splints are classic examples of this. Learn how to use weights to develop all of the muscles in your legs, add some bike riding to your weekly regimen, and read Runners World and other reliable sources of running information to learn how to effectively cross train to prepare for marathon running.

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Runners, Injuries and Gait Analysis

I thought this was an interesting article, but there are still many unanswered questions with runners and injuries. For example, if you go to a high end gait analysis center and spend hundreds of dollars, where is the data that shows if you have a particular injury, and a certain gait pattern, and do x,y, or z will you statistically have a better outcome? This problem is touched on in the article, we are just at the tip of the iceberg on many gait and running issues, but in the future we should be able to "fix" just about any runner. If you have an acute or chronic foot or ankle problem, call this Chicago podiatrist for an evaluation right away. As published in the WSJ this week.

Gait Analysis: The Serious Runner's Salvation

A Tool to Precisely Spot Stride Problems and Stop Joint Pain and Injury WSJ's Matthew Futterman participates in a gait analysis at Manhattan's Hospital for Surgery to learn how he may be able to prevent some running injuries. By MATTHEW FUTTERMAN

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Running and Blisters

Chicago Marathon Training Tips

With the Marathon just a month away, most runners are building up their weekly mileage in preparation for the race. Achieving twenty five to thirty miles or more per week is not unusual now, with possibly half of that during one long run. Some of you have already tried a ten kilometer or half marathon to test your fitness. With all this higher daily or weekly mileage come injuries, from negligible to minor to game ending. If you’re having chronic weekly or daily pain, now is the time to call this Chicago podiatrist and get examined.

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Magritte Exhibit

We thought we would share this photo of a promotion at Oak Street Beach in Chicago (near our office) for a Magritte Exhibit at the Art Institute. We enjoyed it and thought you would as well!

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