Now that the training for the Chicago Marathon is over, it’s time to get those feet checked! With the start of the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon less than 5 days away, consider making an appointment with a podiatrist. Dr. Richard Bennett, D.P.M. is conveniently located in downtown Chicago at Water Tower Place on the 9th floor.

Training for the Chicago Marathon can take a toll on your body. Not surprisingly, the most common injuries training for the marathon are to the feet.

A common injury seen in preparing for a marathon is injured toenails. If runner’s shoes are too tight and he or she goes out for a long training run, the result can be bleeding under one or more of the toenail plates. This appears as a black or black and blue discoloration under the nail, and can be painful or painless. If it is painful, it can be drained in a podiatrist office, but if not, it can be left alone and eventually the bruise will push out from under the nail as the nail plate continues to grow. A good way to avoid this is to make sure your toenails are trimmed back as far as safely and comfortably as possible, and to wear shoes that are neither too small nor too big. If your have any questions, be sure to call and make an appointment

Another common injury that can occur from training for the marathon is a stress fracture. Stress fractures can occur when a walker or runner overuses his or her feet, and the result can be a tiny fracture in one or more of the weight bearing bones. Initially there can be localized pain and swelling, but without proper rest or limited weight bearing to the extremity, an overt fracture can be seen later on x-ray. This is why when a stress fracture is suspected, a series of x-rays are taken so any subtle or obvious changes to the painful area aid in the diagnosis and treatment. Rest with immobilization in a cast or pneumatic walking boot is usually prescribed, along with ice and a non steroidal anti inflammatory agent such as ibuprofen or naproxen.

If you need a pre or post race check up, call Dr. Bennett at (312) 266-7404.

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