Chicago Marathon Announcement!

//Chicago Marathon Announcement!

Chicago Marathon Announcement!

CONGRATS – you accomplished a life goal of finishing the Chicago Marathon! But how are your feet? Now that the training for the Chicago Marathon is over, it’s time to reward your feet for getting you through it! If your dogs are barking, make an appointment right now with Dr. Rick Bennett, DPM, conveniently located in downtown Chicago at Water Tower Place. It would be a little surprising if you didn’t have some heel pain, a sprain, some blisters, or a few bloody toenails. If you plan on doing the next marathon, it’s important to address these normal runner injuries now, to keep feet in their best running shape.

Training for the Chicago Marathon can take a toll on your body. Not surprisingly, the most common injuries following the marathon are to the feet. A common injury that can occur from every day walking in the streets of Chicago or training for the Chicago Marathon is a stress fracture. Stress fractures can occur when a walker or runner overuses his or her feet, and the result can be a tiny fracture in one or more of the weight bearing bones. Initially, there can be localized pain and swelling, but without proper rest or limited weight bearing to the extremity, an overt fracture can be seen later on x-ray. This is why when a stress fracture is suspected, a series of x-rays are taken so any subtle or obvious changes to the painful area aid in the diagnosis and treatment.

As a Chicago Marathon veteran myself (1979!), I am very familiar with athletic injuries such as stress fractures. I have worked with many runners over the past twenty years in my practice, and I continue to work with athletes and treat their injuries. If you need a post race check up, please call me at (312) 266-7404. I will offer a 10% discount to Chicago Marathon runners for 30 days. Take care of those feet now so that you will have many more races in your future!

By Richard C. Bennett DPM

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